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Our Mission
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The Seattle CFS Support Group meets for lunch in North Seattle on the first Wednesday of each month.

The rest of the time we keep in touch via an online discussion forum hosted by YahooGroups.

Instructions for applying to join the forum are in the sidebar on the right side of this page.

If you have trouble with the application process, email the moderators by clicking the "Email Us!" button on the left or by emailing us at:

Before applying, please read the forum rules listed below:

1. To build a social support network for CFS patients in and around Seattle

2. To host an online forum where CFS patients may learn from each other ways to improve the quality of our lives.

3. To help relieve the social isolation of CFS patients by hosting occasional lunch meetings

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Discussion Forum Rules

Content: Share your own experience in your own words. Don't copy and paste large sections of text from other sources. An occasional quotation of a few of sentences or so, such as from a book you find helpful or inspiring, is always appropriate, however.

Length: Please limit the length of your posts to the equivalent of a single page of a typewritten page (remember typewriters and typing paper?). Shorter is better.

Readability: To make your posts easy to read, please format them into brief paragraphs (7 lines or less), with blank lines between the paragraphs, and send them in black on a white background.

Topics: Our primary focus is on sharing with each other our own experiences in finding ways to live better more fulfilling lives in spite of the limitations imposed on us by chronic illness. And providing each other with emotional and social support in coping with an illness that can make us feel so isolated. Our group is not focused on chasing a cure, or arguing about CFS research or politics.

Attachments: Don't attach research papers or articles to you messages, even if you are the author of the paper or article, Instead, if you find an article or paper helpful, just provide a link to a web site where a paper or article may be found.

Don't Play Doctor! In your posts, please describe your own experience and refrain from giving medical advice.

No Politics, Religion or Sex: Promoting partisan politics or sectarian religion can only be devisive and undermines our goal of mutual support. Our members represent a broad spectrum of political and religious views, from liberal to conservative, and from believers to skeptics. Consequently, comfort levels regarding sexual topics vary greatly too. Don't post anything that you feel might be offensive to our more conservative members.

Leave Your Hobby Horses at the Door:Merriam Webster defines a "hobby horse" as "a topic to which one constantly reverts."

Full Disclosure of Financial Interests: It's OK to offer a product or service, but you need to tell us upfront that you have a financial interest in promoting it. Don't post a misleading message saying something like "I've just tried this wonderful new supplement called Vitameatavegamin and it makes me feel so much better!" when you are actually just propecting for customers in a multilevel marketing scheme.

Compliance: The SeattleCFS Support Group moderators are themselves disabled by CFS, so they simply don't have the energy to spend trying to persuade or compel forum members to observe these rules. Members who repeatedly ignore these rules will simply be dropped from the group.